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Decision Care Advocates

 For All Ages and All Stages of Life.

Dedicated to providing caring decision support, we advocate for you & the care your loved ones desire.


Sometimes medical decisions can be overwhelming. Coordinating doctors' appointments, transportation, decision-making and communication is not easy. Paperwork, medication, surgery and sickness often complicate life for us all. You are not alone. We are here to help. You and your loved ones will be in good hands with a caring professional whose priority is you.

We advocate for you by supporting you during visits to your doctor. We offer an extra pair of eyes and ears to help gather all the details of your (or loved one's) appointment. We spend time with our clients after each appointment to discuss and clarify what took place and make a plan for next steps and decisions to be made. Whether for one appointment or on-going care, we are here for you.


Advocates provide loving support for busy care-givers and individuals related to doctors' visits and decision-making offering:

  • Appointment Accompaniment

  • Communication Support in medical appointment

  • Post Visit Discussion

  • Decision-making Support

  • Help with Family Communication

  • Healthcare Power of Attorney

  • Treatment Decisions- Palliative and Hospice wishes

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Reserve a speaker on topics important to your organization:

  • In-Vitro Fertilization

  • Egg & Sperm "Donation"

  • Body Image and the Beauty Industry

  • Hospitality for "Unwanted" Children

  • Care-giving in Golden Years

  • Decisions, Discussions, Determinations

  • Preparation for Last Days

  • Transhumanism (Mix of man and machine.)

  • And many other customizable options 
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Better Care Starts with You!


Kristina is a good listener with an empathetic, experienced heart. She has a good network of sources and channels through them to help bring solutions out of a chaotic process.


- Client's Nephew

Holistic, relevant and timely.


- Colleen

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